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Consortium for Technical Education (CTE)
The Consortium for Technical Education is an organization that aims to empower students for a fruitful career in technology through training programs, workshops, in-plant training and projects. It aims to bridge the gap that exists between academia and the corporate world by introducing the latest technologies in all streams and skills that are much sought after in the job market.
CTE intends to be a resource centre that would help educational institutions to provide value-based services and guide the students towards life-changing opportunities.
Our Services
Our gamut of services is designed to provide value for the students and the institution alike.
Conceived in collaboration with Universities and the corporate world CTE helps to facilitate understanding, learning and communication across various streams of technical research and development.
Grants for Government organizations, government-aided research institutions and individuals in technical or software research.
Provide guidance and support to member institutions on cutting-edge technology and latest applications.
Comprehensive and extensive, CTE places a vast collection of books, magazines and journals on technology at the disposal of its members and students.
CTE provides access to a diverse collection of ePublications and the latest scientific research for all its member institutions.
In-plant training and skill development programs conceived and conducted by CTE’s mentors for the students.
Our Valuable Members
Membership at CTE is free and it comes with a host of benefits that would not only enrich the students’ future
but also elevate your institution’s reputation for facilitating value-added programs. Our members are ...