About CTE
Closing the gap in academia and IT industry
Our Vision & Mission
CTE’s vision is to invest in technical knowledge and innovation and provide stellar opportunities for deserving students.
We wish to provide Indian students, a distinct advantage over others by providing them access to the latest technical resources and thereby giving them an edge to explore global opportunities.
  • We aim to build a bridge between the academic community and the technical industry
  • Our vision pans countrywide and is focussed towards knowledge sharing, through collaboration with students, teachers and industry experts.
  • We aim to facilitate learning programs for students and provide them with the current technical resources, upgrades and programs to make them job ready
  • We wish to engage and collaborate with technical institutions (of all streams) to uplift the quality of their curriculum and provide current technology upgrades and information that would add value to the student’s education.
  • By actively engaging with colleges, universities and institutions we aim to transform students, into candidates proficient in new technological trends and transform them into effective communicators.
  • We will be facilitating various programs and activities that would open new avenues for the students to learn about emerging trends in technology.
  • Universities, colleges and private institutions will benefit from their association with us as we bring the best in the industry to your doorstep to train and incubate talented students.
Our Valuable Members
Membership at CTE is free and it comes with a host of benefits that would not only enrich the students’ future
but also elevate your institution’s reputation for facilitating value-added programs. Our members are ...