Services CTE
Educational resources that add value to the curriculum…
CTE is committed to facilitate the professional development of IT students and to provide all manners of technical and technological assistance to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, IT institutions etc.
Our scope of services covers the following -
Software Training -
Bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-time
work experience in the IT industry through free software
and hardware training.
Seminars & Workshops -
Organize seminars, conferences, workshops, roadshows,
and hackathons to promote awareness about new technologies
and engage in discussions about the same.
Technical Support -
Provide the latest software technologies to schools,
colleges, institutions and R & D departments and offer
technical support for the same.
Digital Library -
Provide essential and relevant technical resources through
a digital library that students of member institutions can
access and use.
Grants -
Recognize and felicitate scholars, authors and scientists and
facilitate financial assistance through grants and scholarships
for member institutions and deserving students.
Conference & Webinars
Conduct numerous conference and webinar sessions for the member institutions and their students and provide them an opportunity to interact and engage with industry experts.
Our Valuable Members
Membership at CTE is free and it comes with a host of benefits that would not only enrich the students’ future
but also elevate your institution’s reputation for facilitating value-added programs. Our members are ...