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CTE is a vision-driven organization where academicians, researchers and industry experts come together to realize its vision. CTE has several standing committees to act in an honorary advisory capacity and to guide the members and their students through various programs.
Reasearch and development
Dr. J.P. Modak
The highly esteemed and illustrious Dr. Jayant Pandurang Modak has been serving as the Dean of Research and Development at LTJSS, Nagpur for the past 20 years. He not only possesses a B.E. in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering both but also has a D.Sc. in the concept of the Human Powered Flywheel Motor from RTM Nagpur University.

With a keen interest in the areas of research of automation, the theory of experimentation, applied robotics, rotor dynamics, and kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms, Dr. J.P. Modak has contributed to more than 423 research paper publications, including more than 40 journals of international repute. He has won the national award for the “Best Research Paper” thrice during his eminent career. His genius has been instrumental in developing various products and applications in the field of mechanical engineering.

Dr. J.P. Modak holds IPR and copyrights on several applications, including the pedal-operated chilli crusher and hybrid-powered flywheel motor. He has delivered more than 130 lectures on the mechatronics, industrial automation, mathematical modelling, academic-oriented courses on research methodologies, and more.

Dr. J.P. Modak’s lifelong work in the field of mechanical and electric engineering has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions, including the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for initiatives towards the use of fly ash for industrial products at the Event of International Conference.
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