Corporate Membership

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Free Membership for Educational Institutions

CTE is committed in its support to all technical educational institutes in India. The membership of CTE is free and open to all types of recognized educational institutions that offer technical education in India.

Who can join?

Membership to CTE is open to all institutions that offer technical courses in IT, Electronics and Communications.

All recognized educational institutions including Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, Govt. recognized R&D centres can become members of CTE, and avail the benefits.

Types of Membership

CTE offers the following memberships:-

  • Institutional Members
  • Individual Members
  • Corporate Members

Corporate Members

This membership is open to government recognized and accredited educational institutions and Research and Development Centres.

Corporate Members - Benefits

  • access to the best of the talent pool
  • a fulfilling and mutually beneficial CSR model

Our Members

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