About Us

Bridging academia, research and technology

About CTE?

The Consortium for Technical Education (CTE) is a non-profit organization that aims to offer the latest technical knowledge to students in India and provide them with resources to think, invent and innovate.

CTE is a bridge that brings the technology industry and academia and the research community together and to that end, we have conceived programs that would bring across the latest technical resources to the academic community. It also provides a platform for the students and teachers to interact with acknowledged industry experts. With programs designed to accelerate innovation through applied technology, we aim to lead the students through a path of success.

Our Roadmap

Students: We wish to engage with colleges and technical institutions and offer them additional resources.

Our Vision

CTE’s vision is to invest in knowledge and innovation and thereby offer stellar opportunities for deserving students.

Our Mission

Our mission to become a bridge between Academia and the Industry has a very specific roadmap.

Strategic Objectives

CTE’s objective is to facilitate technical education resources to students is both multi-faceted and versatile.

Our Members

Collaborate, Network and Team With The Best Of The Industry